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L’Orignal est Lache

With apologies to French-speaking readers, today we announced the complete list of speakers and schedule for Northern Voice, the blogging conference that I’m helping to organize next spring. I’m really excited by the great people who are coming from all over the place (as well as from our own back yard) to speak.

We really tried to balance the schedule between technical and social topics. There are lots of people coming who want to learn about podcasting and video blogging, but also people who are more interested in how blogging affects family relationships or its impact on journalism. So, we’ve got the likes of Tim Bray and Tod Maffin for the technical side, and the likes of Julie Leung and Stowe Boyd for the cultural side. Robert Scoble, I guess, fits somewhere in the middle.

I think we did a good job. And you can’t beat the price–twenty bucks (Canadian) if you register ahead of time and thirty at the door. Even if you’re only interested in a couple of sessions, it’s well worth the price of admission. What are you waiting for? Go register.

On a related bloggy note, thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 2004 Weblog Awards. I came an entirely respectable fifth. Congratulations to Small Dead Animals for leading from pillar to post, and thanks to everyone who voted.

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  1. davin

    you know i think i registered so long ago that I can’t remember if i actually did or not.

  2. Le carnet du groupe interstructure

    Northern Voice

    Speakers and Schedule Announced!. 20$! Un petit 20$ canadien pour l’accès, finalement, j’ai plus envie d’aller là bas qu’à SXSW… surtout que ça pourrait grandement aider pour organiser la conférence de Montré…

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