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One Search, All Jobs. In the States.

Indeed claims to be a search portal for every job. Its tagline reads “one search, all jobs”. When you hit their site, you’ll note that they’ve wisely embraced Google’s simple aesthetic. There’s a logo and just two search fields–“job title…” and “city, state or zip”.

“One search, all jobs” is an admirable goal (and if they’ve really got every job in America, well done), but it’s wildly inaccurate. They’ve got all the jobs available to 6% of the world’s population. I double-checked by searching for ‘software’ jobs in ‘Vancouver. Plenty of positions in Portland and Vancouver, Washington, but nothing north of the 49th. It’s a pity the contents don’t reflect what it says on the box.

Oh, right, and (theme of the week here) it’s in beta. Does no one actually launch a genuine, gone-gold release anymore?

Interestingly, I note that there’s also an Indeed weblog, but they’re not linking to it from the main site. Why not? Are they concerned about being able to maintain it? If so, call it an experiment and link it to the main site. If they falter after three months, no big deal. However, they should give it a chance to get some readership and succeed. Given the stand-offish nature of their site, they need to put a human face somewhere.

3 Responses to “One Search, All Jobs. In the States.”

  1. Paul Forster

    I take your point about Indeed only including US jobs at the moment – in that sense ‘all jobs’ is relative, but we think our tagline is valuable in sending a message that Indeed is a search engine for jobs (as opposed to a job board with a limited jobs database).
    Paul Forster,
    co-founder, Indeed

  2. John

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been using and finding it quite helpful. Last year I was limiting myself to Monster .com and only looking at other sights when I was “desparate.” This year searches all those other sites for me — and some others I didn’t know about. Still don’t have a new job, though. Maybe I’m too picky.

    Chris Reply:

    Can we get a follow up to this blog post? Indeed is now the #1 site for jobs worldwide. It seems they’ve come quite a long way!

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