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Pet Tailoring

Last night I was out for a walk and I passed a classic Yaletown resident. She was young, Asian, impossibly-skinny and clad in a remarkably-short pleated skirt and Ugg boots over knee-high green socks. She was talking her tiny rat-dog.

I only glanced at the dog, and thought for a moment that it was some deformed circus freak. As it turns out, it was just wearing a bunny suit (something along these lines). Complete with ears. The poor thing looked deeply embarrassed. I can’t imagine that animals like to wear clothes–isn’t that why horses freak out when they’re saddled for the first time?

I was reminded of this chance encounter by Lindsay, who sent along this freaky Japanese site dedicated to clothes for your cat. I took a quick look around the site, and these three cats seem unimpressed with their new wardrobe.

2 Responses to “Pet Tailoring”

  1. Jen

    Not that it’s any sort of excuse for the ridiculous – but when I had a wee maltese, and lived where it snowed regularly, he had a small selection of winter sweaters – it was too cold for him to go outside without them. And to add insult to injury, the snow would clump up in the fur between his toes, turn to iceballs and give him frostbite. So he also had a wee set of neoprene booties for walks after a fresh snowfall.

  2. Darren

    Jen: That’s a separate rant I have, which concerns raising animals thousands of miles away from their natural habitat. I usually cite the chihuahua, which, of course, comes from Mexico. I frequently see them in Vancouver. Isn’t it a bit cruel to raise them in a sometimes-cold, humid place like Vancouver? The same goes for raising huskies in California or Florida. Shouldn’t we try to pick animals that are climate-appropriate?

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