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Potty Training Can Be Funny

Who knew? Usually, the last thing I want to hear about is potty training. Diaper commercials, with their dancing, happy babies, even freak me out a little. That said, here’s an amusing post about the struggles of child-rearing from a mother who happens to run a sex shop. This bit made me laugh out loud:

Alex has been pissing all over the house for the past two days, and it’s making us meshuggah. He will not, will not potty train. He will not do it in a boat, he will not do it on a goat. He will not do it here or there, he will not do it anywhere. And it is making us weep with frustration.

There are some good bits later on, when the writer bemoans the all-too-friendly tone of the Internet’s discussion forums for new mothers.

One Response to “Potty Training Can Be Funny”

  1. Andrea

    I’ve tried a few mother/baby websites, but they all seem to be full of mush-minded women who do, indeed, use blinking text and “DH” abbreviations. The parents in my pre-natal classes seem okay, so I must figure out where they hang out…obviously not on BabyCenter…..

  2. Tim Jackson

    Hi, good post. I’m write up there with the blogger on the very mummsy nature of the writing – like “I here your pain, sister!” – Makes me sick.

    However if your looking for some solid no fluff and no sickly writing about tips and methods for potty training check out this site: –

    Good Luck!

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