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Put Warning Labels on Your Children

I guess this is pretty inventive, but it’s also just a little bit weird. From A Whole Lot of Nothing, via Rebecca, we find a series of children’s t-shirts which warn other people about what can’t go in them. There’s No Peanuts, Dairy and Egg Free and Gluten Free. As a semi-vegetarian, let me offer the inevitable and awful pun: where’s the no beef?

I guess they’re handy if you don’t trust your daycare to keep track of these things. Personally, I’d be a little bolder with my shirts. How about Don’t Feed Me Crap, Please Toilet Train Me or I’m in Montessori, So Bugger Off.

4 Responses to “Put Warning Labels on Your Children”

  1. alexis

    I was 8 when I found out that I was deathly allergic to Brazil nuts. According to my mom, the day after I had my allergy testing, I wore a sign to school that said, “Nuts can kill me.” Yeah, I was a dramatic kid.

  2. udge

    One of my nieces, a very clever child, has cerebral palsy. Her mother and I joked that we should get her a T-Shirt saying “Yes, I have CP, but I’m probably a lot smarter than you”.

  3. Ray

    “My dad says your mom drives like a twit
    and parks worse.”

    “Yes, I say Merry Christmas,
    get over it.”

    “Learn to say ‘Thank-you’,
    I’ll despise you a little less so.”

    “My dad is depressive and is prone to rages.
    It’s genetic.”

  4. Chris

    Gluten, nuts, and dairy are things that would often be fed to babies – beef not so much.

    Also, vegetarianism is usually a choice, whereas these children don’t really have a choice in their nut allergies.

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