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Sin City Trailer

My friend Heather writes to direct me to a promising trailer for the new comic bo…er, graphic novel adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City. The cast is impressive–there are at least ten household names. They run from a very un-Gilmore-Girls-looking Alexis Bledel to the made-to-star-in-comic-book-adaptations Bruce Willis. Robert Rodriguez is directing. If he can combine the style of his Spy Kids movies with his Mexican trilogy, he’l prove an ideal choice.

In younger, comic-collecting days, I always admired Miller’s unorthodox work on Daredevil and Elektra. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a masterpiece. Sadly, none of the associated movies have lived up to the style and mood of the comic books (I’m going to go ahead and assume that, despite the lithesome Jennifer Garner, Elektra is going to suck). Hopefully Sin City will do better.

I was recently blown away by The Incredibles, and had a revelation. Why are we adapting comic books with live actors in rubber suits? Animation is obviously a far more natural fit for the average comic book. However, I don’t think Sin City is the average comic book. It looks to me like Rodriguez has effectively married Miller’s vision with a hyper-film noir aesthetic.

2 Responses to “Sin City Trailer”

  1. Mark

    Well, the trailer certainly seems to be trying to capture the look and feel of the book. On the other hand, what’s up with Marv having all the rubber work while everyone else emerges from make-up more-or-less unscathed? A few more grey levels in there compared to the comic book too.
    Dunno about Rodriguez – he certainly has some indie cred on the basis of El Mariachi, but has anything he’s done since really held up that well? I remember liking Desperado, but it turns out that was because I hadn’t yet seen a John Woo movie. The last part of the trilogy just sent me to sleep, I’m afraid.
    (On preview: oh man, you have to change that photo on the comment preview page. That is just disturbing, really it is. I am just thankful that 3D displays are not yet a reality.)

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.

    Frank Miller is co-directing the movie, and Rodrigeuz is using the comic books directly as storyboards. In rereading the books over Christmas break, I was able to spot many scenes from the trailer in the books. They’re just that dead-on. I can’t wait for this one, moreso than Elektra and Fantastic Four and even Batman Begins.

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