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Too Much Blogging About Blogging

In the previous entry, Jeff points out that I’ve been blogging too much about blogging. He’s absolutely right. It’s a thought that’s been lingering in the back of head for a few weeks. It’s symptomatic of two things: my present interests and my present busyness.

  1. This weblog has always been, as best as I can figure, about ‘stuff that interests me’. Blogs are interesting me, on both a personal and professional level. However, they don’t interest everyone.
  2. I’m really busy at the moment. I have less time to think about interesting stuff to blog about, and less time to info-graze.

But those are just excuses. Blogging about blogging, like making art about art, is interesting to an often-elitist few. I apologize for the many bloggy posts, and will endeavour to broaden my subject matter. I’ll definitely meet Jeff’s challenge to “go a day without posting about blogging”. Er…not tomorrow, but definitely on many, many days thereafter.

I gotta go. I’m late for the, uh, blogger meetup.

6 Responses to “Too Much Blogging About Blogging”

  1. Jeramey Jannene

    I often find myself tempted to blog about blogging, only then to realize that people don’t really care when I do that. I do manage to sneak it in though when I find a new service that makes it easier for me to blog. I like the art about art comparison, that really helps to be put it in perspective.

  2. Jeramey Jannene

    I guess that “preview” button wasn’t tempting enough. I meant to say “helps to put it in perspective”.

  3. Rog

    Personally, I find the social aspects of the Internet very fascinating.

    IMHO, Blogging is probably the most significant online social communication since the invention of Usenet or IRC. Well maybe I would put MMORPGs/MUDs up there too, but the realtime interactions are inherently less informative.

  4. Andrea

    Wasn’t it Plato who wanted to ban bloggers from the Republic, because they were imitating the original material things, which were imitations of that in the artists’ minds, which were inspired by God?

  5. Todd

    If blogging about blogging is metablogging, what is blogging about too much blogging about blogging?

  6. bree

    I don’t mind it when people blog about blogging. Since I blog too, and find the process interesting, it’s neat to see what others say about it. Besides, in an eclectic blog like yours there are bound to be some posts certain readers won’t find particularly interesting. For me, it’s your occasional hockey pool posts, because I have zero interest in sports. I just scroll past any boring bits.

    I don’t think you should stop blogging about blogging, but it’s not a bad idea to explore other ideas too.

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