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Wallet Alternatives

About ten years ago, I switched from a conventional wallet to a svelte money clip/card case. I mostly did this because a woman (possibly my girlfriend at the time, I don’t remember) told me that women didn’t care for the thick wallets in the back pockets of men’s jeans. Plus, a wallet just encouraged me to carry all sorts of crap that I didn’t need or want.

Via cool hunter Josh Rubin, we find a “next generation wallet for people who hate wallets” called the Jini. They look like a discarded chunk of the early, multi-coloured iMacs. They’re a little too cute and plastic for my taste, but I can see other people digging them. I’d heartily recommend my aforementioned Victorinox money clip/card holder, which is tiny, durable and classic-looking.

They’ve got a nifty Flash product demo that’s all-business, which I appreciate. One tip on the demo, guys: when you show the dimensions, but a common object next to it, like a fork or an apple or a Bic lighter, so that we can judge the size for ourselves.

5 Responses to “Wallet Alternatives”

  1. Anonymous

    How bout European Carry Alls? Remember, it’s not a purse, it’s European.

  2. Ross Thomas

    I was given the same advice by a girl, and then I saw it on Queer Eye, so I figured it must be true. I bought one of those card-holder things and stick it in my front pocket with loose bills and change. I’m less organized now but at least my ass looks great.

  3. Sue

    I noted something quite odd on the Victorinox site. In their product photo, there appears to be a Safeway club card in the front card pocket. I could be wrong, but that particular colour, with the “B” and the swirls in a different colour, twigged my memory. Just to double check, I looked at my own Safeway club card and sure enough, it’s a perfect match to the picture.

    This makes me wonder two things: why would Victorinox choose a Safeway Club Card for their illustration? Why not a platinum credit card? Second, what kind of freak am I to recognize the Safeway card from a photo showing less than 1cm of it?

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