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It’s a busy day of meetings today, so you’ll have to make due for the moment with these amusing diversions. The first two have sound, so be aware of your cubicle-mates:

UPDATE: Two more amusing items. First, we have some advice on why cyclists should stick with the black spandex. Then, via Chris, we’ve got this freaky web-thing from a local ad agency. It features a singing, dancing turkey.

5 Responses to “Webmusement”

  1. donna


    “Sign the CENTER’s petition asking Congress to withdraw all taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood. More than 69,000 Americans have already done so!”

    …but it’s not the american Planned Parenthood that had anything to do with that. It’s the Canadian planned parenthood. Pulling the funding from the US version isn’t going to affect the CDN one all that much… :)

  2. richard

    It’s okay for kids to watch rap music videos, but not an OBVIOUS SATIRE of overdone touring “educational” productions that kids hate… It’s poking fun at lame shows produced by 40 year old people who have never been hip, trying to relate to kids. Isn’t that obvious? It’s not trying to suggest that kids dress up in foam rubber phalluses and gyrate on a stage.

    Or is it…..

    People are dumb…

  3. Derek


    That’s the sound of the intent of that ad whizzing entirely over Reclaim America’s heads. (“Penis” and “vagina” being “language too vulgar for this website”—what would they suggest we call them?)

    I also wondered: what do they need to reclaim, exactly, now that G.W. Bush is in his second term?

  4. Andrea

    According to the right wing coalition, the dancers “gyrate in a sexually suggestive manner while singing”. If you watch the video carefully, you’ll notice that the dancers move away from each other — this is more of an abstinence dance. As for “can’t control my urges”, isn’t that the worry of the coalition? Wouldn’t they prefer people learned to control their urges?

    This is exactly the kind of campy troupe that used to go to schools in the 80s. The music sounds like Miker G & Sven, circa 1987. It’s obvious that Planned Parenthood is making fun of stupid productions, not promoting them.

  5. John

    “… An ingenius [sic] PSA …”

    If nothing else, the spelling of “ingenious” certainly is.

    (OTOH … It is a small mind that can only find one way to spell a word )

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