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Welcome to, v. 3.0

This site started out like this. Then it moved to the familiar green version, and now we’ve got a kind, gentler version 3.0 (beta, heh). As you’ll see, things are ‘under construction’ at the moment, as the other top-level pages lack content and the archives are still using the old template. We’ll resolve these issues over the next week or so.

Many, many thanks to Ray vanderWoning, who did the redesign and has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Ray’s excellent to work with, and I’d definitely recommend him as a designer.

Once it’s done, in addition to just refreshing the look and feel of the site, the redesign will accomplish some technical goals I’ve been ignoring. For those interested in such things, here’s a little historical look at the design’s evolution:

  • Before Ray got involved, I had this
    misguided idea
    . I decided that was a bit too egotistical, even for this
    self-centred medium.
  • Ray made three original mockups: 1,
    2, 3.
  • Then things evolved to something quite close to the finished product, with
    and then this

If you want a preview of some of the other pages (and if you’ve gotten this
far, you probably do), you can check them out here.

24 Responses to “Welcome to, v. 3.0”

  1. jo

    I like the left category bar. Very useful since I’m not organized enough to keep links! I kinda miss the times of your posts, but I’ll get over that I’m sure. Overall I like the look of the new site.

    Congratulations on the new look.

  2. Darren

    Well, we’re adding the dates back in. If others miss the time as well, I’d consider adding it as well.

  3. Mimi

    I guess I’m a decenting vote. I kind of expected an edgier design.

    I did like the superman mock-up. Maybe use it for special occassions? ;-)

    I’ll live. I keep coming back for the content.

    Write on Darren.

  4. Jon J

    It doesn’t match-up for me unless I resize my window. Then again, I do like the color scheme and the nifty “mug-shot” on top.

    Looks nice.

  5. Bill Stilwell

    Looking good, the only completely minor quibble I’d make is that your favicon is no longer in line with your site design.

  6. Ray

    Hmm. Indeed.

    I need to make up a new favicon for DB.

    Thanks Bill.

    Now, maybe you could turn your sharp eye to the broken individual archive template? I’m operating on about 4 hours of sleep, and I’m missing something fundamental. That navigation isn’t supposed to be floating off to the left like that.

    It’s supposed to look more like this:
    the test page

  7. Ray

    And, yeah, I know it doesn’t validate. It was broken when it did validate.

    The validator returns an error on the closing wrap div at the end of the page, but, as far as I can tell, the wrap div doesn’t close anywhere else in the page.

    There has GOT to be a closed div somewhere in there that is breaking the layout. Heck, I even ran the stylesheet through the validator, and it comes up roses.

    A line-by-line parsing by my tired eyes didn’t turn anything up.

  8. kris

    I like the new layout… good stuff. I do miss the the little barefoot logomark though. :)


  9. Swade

    I think I’d go edgier too, but this does look pretty organised compared to the previous layout. I’ll also vote for a return of the bearfoot logos here and there.

  10. champ

    I do miss that barefoot logo. I think you should add that too.

  11. Anonymous

    Very nice design. I like the monochrome look, the simplistic design.. I think it’s clean cut, stylish, and although I do miss that logo, I do like the new photos you have on the pages. I also think it has a nice personal feel to it now.

  12. Will Pate

    Good job Ray and nice new site Darren. I really like how you have the “professional” pic on the front page and the “walk in the park” pic on the individual entry pages – subtle levels of intamacy, it works.

  13. Gail

    I prefer this one to the last incarnation, it’s easier on the eye, layout-wise, colour-wise.

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