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Yahoo Launches Video Search

Continuing a week of big search engine announcements, Yahoo has launched its video search service. Kudos to them for being first (I think) to the post with this service. It’s notable, I think, that none of the major search engines have bothered with a customized audio search. That seems like a natural step that should have preceded video, but I imagine the music industry might have frowned on making it easier for people to find music.

Like nearly every search engine app, Yahoo Video Search is in Beta. Regardless, it seems to work pretty well. Find videos on squirrels, magic pants and Brian Boitano.

Via that last search, I found an incredibly-awesome video of What Would Brian Boitano Do covered by DVDA, a band which apparently features South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. BoingBoing discusses all the pr0ny things you can search for.

4 Responses to “Yahoo Launches Video Search”

  1. Jeff

    In one sense, audio search applications are the most mature of any ‘new’ search app – most common peer to peer apps do just that – an addtion to images, videos, and books.

    What I would really like is an audio search tool that lets you hum or whistle a few bars and then tell you what song it is!

    **I found it’s not very easy to for google to find out that the song you hear in every single action/wartime epic movie is probably Carmina Burana.

  2. Richard

    Rogers MuchMusic phones offer something called TuneTracker.

    “TuneTracker – Hold your phone up to the music and TuneTracker will tell you the name and artist of the song you’re listening to right now!”

    See Rogers FAQ “Using TuneTracker”*&p_li=

    or if you prefer your URLs tiny

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