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At the Blog Business Summit

Blog Business SummitThings are going to be pretty bloggy around here over the next couple of days, as I’m down in Seattle at the Blog Business Summit. Currently, I’m watching Robert Scoble (his outline is here) do the keynote to the calming clicking of a couple hundred keyboards. The photo is of conference organizer Steve Broback–there are more photos here.

Here are a few notes from Robert’s keynote:

  • Blogging is just a tool.
  • In 2000, there were maybe 300 to 500 technology weblogs.
  • Regular websites begin with zero traffic. Weblogs start with traffic because of pinging services.
  • Weblogs enable the death of distance.
  • Blogs are a passion concentrator–relates to Paul Graham’s notion of smart people clusters.
  • How do I start a blog? Read 50 blogs that interest you for two weeks.
  • Listen to what the market is saying about your industry.

UPDATE: There’s a bit of a conference wiki thing, given that this facility apparently blocks IRC.