Addicted to novelty since 2001 Made US $400,000 Last Month

Last night I read a great piece by Rebecca Mead in The New Yorker about the four founders of (some photos will be unsafe for work, but the home page is currently kosher). It’s a kind of post-dot-com success story, with some heady numbers:

In the year and a half since Josh, Ricky, and Jakob left college, traffic to the site has grown three hundred per cent. In December of 2003, generated $45,400; in December of this year, the revenues were $405,000, nearly half of that coming from sales of faux-vintage T-shirts with slogans.

So, not dot-com boom numbers, but I wouldn’t sneeze at them. They’re seeing 8 million unique visitors a month. If we apply my recently-discovered metric of 1.8 cents per visitor (for advertising, and I’ll bet they do considerably better), that gets them US $144,000 right there. is a kind of Internet clearinghouse for asinine but amusing movie, photos and text. If you’ve been sent it in an email, then it’s probably on this site. I took a quick look around, and the funniest thing I found was this. Not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but amusing and slightly off-colour nonetheless.

While Googling for Ms. Mead, I discovered this ancient article that she wrote about weblogs, back in November, 2000.