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Gillmor Gang on Podcasting and the Future of Public Radio

If you’re employed in the technology sector, and have never listened to an interview or recorded session from IT Conversations, what are you doing? The Gillmor Gang is a regular feature on this site–a recorded conversation with some of the smartest of the technorati (they’re kind of heavy breathers, though).

I rarely listen to the radio, and am underwhelmed by most podcasts, but a recent Gillmor Gang was pretty compelling:

Steve calls in from the Integrated Media Association’s New Media Summit with his special guest, Stephen Hill. The talk is all about the convergence of radio (most notably public radio) and “new media” if that term even makes sense any longer. That convergence is due to digital technologies and the fact that it’s now possible for nearly anyone to create broadcast-quality audio with a very small investment in equipment.

A key point that I took away was that podcasting is following a very similar path to the introduction of FM radio or underground radio. People originally dismissed these developments as being amatuerish, ramshackle and faddish, but the latter became the juggernaut of AOR.

Another great feature of IT Conversations is that I don’t have to register to listen to recordings.