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Glenn Fleishman and Steve Broback on Monetizing Your Interests

More photos from the Blog Business Summit.

Steve Broback offered a thorough if familiar analysis of Google AdWords and how to use them to evaluate potential revenue.

Glenn Fleishman talks about starting entrepeneurial blogs.

  • Identify spaces you’re obsessed with, and create blogs there.
  • Exhaust that space–report long and hard, so to speak.
  • Be omnipresent.
  • Cultivate cross-links. Link to everybody–the competition, the naysayers, etc.
  • Cultivate an authoritative, exhaustive voice.
  • Reportage, not links, beget eyeballs. Links don’t bring bucks. Analysis does. You need to include your authentic experience.
  • We need revenue data. How much can bloggers expect to earn? How much should we expect to pay them?
  • Is it worth expanding the number of blogs that you run within a specific space? We’re not sure. Glenn needs to divide his content because he’s got too much.
  • Many voices (with more blogs) is a good thing.
  • Wow, he just used the term “epi-phenomenon”. Nice.
  • For an entrepeneurial blog, he’s got a nice balance of ad space and editorial content, and a nice slide to demonsrate it–“the cushions and the couch”. His slides are here. Nice charts.
  • Affiliate revenue sounds like a lot of work.