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I’m Back

I’m just wading through 181 new emails, 1055 spam messages and 5460 unread items in my news reader. Actually, I’m likely to forgo the news reader and start over. I hope to have more photos and words from Cuba posted this evening.

Incidentally, here’s a feature request for Bloglines, FeedDemon, NewsGator and the like: predictive prioritization. At times like this, I want a big button that says “show me the top 100 most relevant items”. The reader combines analysis of my usage patterns with as recurring links to the same material, and shows me the results which are most pertinent to me at the very moment. A sort of ‘best-of-my-ignored-news-reader’.

4 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Devin

    Welcome back… I’m often annoyed by the overwhelming amounts of posts on RSS feeds as well.

    For example, Reuter’s likes to post the same thing about 4 times a day with the slightest change. ‘Stocks up, stocks down, stocks still down, okay kidding stocks are up now’. I’d love something that determined what was really relevant, ie: what the final result was.

  2. Champ

    Welcom back…. I guess now you have get use to sub zero weather.

  3. Champ

    Welcom back…. I guess now you have to get use to sub zero weather.

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