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Improvements to Google AdSense

Last fall, I complained about Google AdSense, and how it wasn’t grokking my Flowers for Al and Don page:

Google AdSense evaluates your page’s content, and then displays the ads most appropriate to that page. For example, this entry about Rolling Stone magazine (that also mentions the band) has ads offering the band’s music. I assumed that Google would check out the Flowers page and display, you know, ads for flower companies. Instead, it’s offering ads for AIDS charities and donating your car. These are noble causes, but nobody is hitting that page searching for noble causes. They’re looking for flowers.

Inside Google reports (via Jeremy Zawodny) that help may be on the way from Google:

Google is testing out a new functionality for AdSense that allows users who are not satisfied with the current ads being served to choose a different set of ads. This is a just unbelievable idea. Google is truly pushing the idea that its ads are more than just ads, they’re useful, and I commend it.

I commend it too. AdSense gets closer to actual advertising, enabling content publishers to choose what they advertize.