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Ironic Product du Jour

In the last entry I referenced While poking around, I found a peculiar product: camouflaged leaves.

As I delve further, I see that it’s not individual leaves so much as a little foot-high accordion-type screen. Still, have we gotten so lazy that we can’t gather three or four branches for cover? Between the GPS, deer scent, recorded mating sounds, motion sensor and remote cameras, you’d think hunters would have some free time to forage for twigs.

4 Responses to “Ironic Product du Jour”

  1. Aaron Brazell

    It’s the recyclability of it. You can pick up and head to a new spot without all the time overhead. ;)

  2. Carol

    Somehow I don’t think the babydoll teddy would keep me warm up there in the mountains.

    Gads. It’s a site for hunters — does there ALWAYS have to be lingerie included???

  3. M.

    Hang on, the fact that a product for sale just indicates someone is hoping there are enough suckers that he or she can turn a profit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there really is a market for it.

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