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Is This Lamp Attractive?

My father and step-mother have a beautifully-appointed home. It’s a lovely, large townhouse in Broadmead, a suburb (neighbourhood?) of Victoria. When I was last there, I complemented my step-mother on it, but commented on one exception:

It’s a Tibetan salt lamp, apparently created from salt crystals are 250 million years old. They emit positive ions, which are apparently good for you.

To put it tactfully, I think it’s unattractive. As Olaf just noted, it looks quite like the chunk of ‘pure evil’ at the end of Time Bandits. My stepmother really digs it. What do you think?

11 Responses to “Is This Lamp Attractive?”

  1. 'nee

    I kinda like it. The ions thing is shit, but the lamp is sorta neat. There’s absolutely no accounting for taste, is there? :)

  2. Jon

    Ancient (what? salt crystals? ancient?) Tibetan (ooh, their rock must be better than our rock) positive-ion-emitting (bad! bad! negative ions). I think you’re wrong, it MUST be good.

  3. Anne

    Does it hum or throb? I imagine it bursting open and little evil critters running out from inside ala aliens or invasion of the body snatchers.

    Definitely not my style.

  4. Josh

    No. Next question.

    Seriously, I’m thinking this is some strong evidence that Bravo’s next spin-off should be ‘Queer Eye for the Tibetan Eye.’

  5. Imo

    that is so wierd -we were talking about that lamp at dinner last night. I have one as well-they are cool DB -but you seem to have a thing about lamps??

  6. double-plus-ungood

    As Olaf just noted, it looks quite like the chunk of “pure evil” at the end of Time Bandits.

    You say that like that’s a bad thing.

    Me, I like it by itself as shown, but the attractiveness of a piece of furniture surely depends upon the appropriateness of its setting and the surrounding furniture.

    Just out of curiosity, what does it taste like if you lick it? Does it taste like salt? If it gets wet, does it dissolve?

  7. richard

    Perhaps your step mother has an affinity for ‘pure evil’?

    I wonder if evil is universally salty.

  8. cayce

    Tibetan, eh? I’ve seen those lamps here for sale but they’re just touted as “normal” salt lamps. They come in various sizes and are just as ugly.

  9. Kirsten

    Gotta agree that it depends what’s around it. Yes, it is mostly ugly, but in a kind of charmingly goofy retro way that could actually come around and make it kind of cool in the right context. You could get away with it in a funky bar or restaurant on Main, for instance, but not in any room containing more than one piece of Formica.

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