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Molly Holzschlag on Building Traffic

From the Blog Business Summit:

  • Does content really matter? It’s no good if you have great content but no traffic.
  • The obvious: definte your goals. Make money? Promote products? Write a statement of one or two statements.
  • Brand your site thoroughly–don’t rely on templated designs.
  • Holy trinity of blog tools: comment systems, trackpack/pingback and aggregation technologies (RSS/ATOM).
  • The accidental blogger syndrome–when you earn significant Google juice for a search term well outside the normal parameters of your site. For me, check out michelle branch ass”. A handy or accidental way to increase traffic. I may turn off CloseComments to see how that works, and how much comment spam gets through.
  • Bah. I suppose I have to turn on trackbacks again. Here cometh the spam.
  • Additionally, I ought to make my URLs friendly.

2 Responses to “Molly Holzschlag on Building Traffic”

  1. Rog

    Content is still king IMO, because as blogs have proved more than any other kind of site, the best readers are the ones that come back.

    Return readership is what you want. Random traffic IMHO is worse than no traffic at all if they only visit once. That’s just a waste of bandwidth.

  2. Ray

    Well said Rog.

    So many business sites, nevermind blogs, have no compelling content.

    Compelling content drives return traffic.

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