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Notes from Chris Pirillo and Marc Canter Talk

Forgive the lightweight notes, but I’m only writing down stuff that’s particularly interesting and new to me. Marc Canter on open source infrastructure:

  • Began with an improvised opera tune. Very impressive.
  • His company builds digital lifestyle agggregators
  • FOAFnet? That’s bollocks, isn’t it? Apparently it didn’t have legs.
  • The platform is no longer Windows or Mac–it’s the Web with APIs and schemas.
  • is infrastructure for media–the death of the high-end stock photography business?
  • Blogging is about getting your message out.

Chris Pirillo:

  • Chris is wearing cargo pants, appropriately.
  • Live Feedster search.
  • (Sung to the tune of ‘Monorail’ from the Simpsons.) Monetize! Monetize! Monetize! Chris reminds me slightly of Lyle Lanley.
  • Note to self–Chris says he’ll take press releases or feeds.
  • Must try out this Copernic desktop search tool.

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  1. Ponzi

    A geek with a blog – without AsSense – is like a showgirl without reeeeeally nice boobs. My geek (Chris Pirillo)… well he has it all, chest, adsense and blog. :)

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