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Ray’s in the Web Bidness

As regular readers know, Ray vanderWoning completed the recent redesign of this site. Having kicked it around for a couple of months, it’s proved excellent, and I’ve only received praise for the design. Ray has recently launched his new design business, complete with a mallard on the front page.

Ray’s personal blog is here, and his old domain is now his photography portfolio (more gorgeous photos of birds within).

3 Responses to “Ray’s in the Web Bidness”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    The only criticism people have made about your site is about the FREAKISHLY LARGE, SCARY PHOTO OF YOU on the comment preview page ;)

    [Seriously, though, it does scare people commenting for the first time]

  2. Nancy

    Your designer is a talented boy, isn’t he? I haven’t commented since the re-design. Now I have to see this picture…


    Ha! I like it!

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