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Robert, Anil and Buzz on Defense Strategies

Robert Scoble, Anil Dash and Buzz Bruggeman on defense strategies at the Blog Business Summit.

  • Robert talks about his corporate manifesto.
  • Rule #1: Tell the truth. Rule #2: Go public.
  • Build a great relationship network before you start blogging.
  • Treat anybody who blogs about you like they’re writing for The New York Times. As Robert puts it, “bend over and grease up.”
  • Buzz always asks PR people who are pitching him if they’ve tried his product.
  • Anil: Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Talk about the hard topics.
  • Link to everybody who says your product sucks. Your customer knows it already, so don’t ignore it.
  • Know the information gatekeepers. Robert is the second guy this week to cite Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Blogging is ongoing. You can’t parachute in (for your own blog or commenting on others), write something and never (or rarely) return.
  • Foster relationships with connectors–because they’ll tell you about hot issues as they break.
  • The secret service agents immediately around the President don’t carry guns. This ensures that they’ll shield or push down him first, instead of going for their weapons. If they go for their weapons first, the President may already be dead. (Robert, can you clarify this metaphor?)
    UPDATE: I just asked Robert about this metaphor, and here’s the point. It comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Blink, and the metaphor is that by not carrying guns, you lengthen the available decision time. If the first instinct is to protect and cover the President, and you do that effectively, then you’ve just bought yourself precious seconds to act. If you try to draw your gun and are too slow, the President is dead and further decisions are relatively moot. In terms of blog crises, you should post somethine like “we’re aware of this issue and looking at it”. That buys you the time to craft a less frantic, more measured and informed response.
  • If you don’t have the answers, say so.

4 Responses to “Robert, Anil and Buzz on Defense Strategies”

  1. Richard

    The Secret Service metaphor could use a little explanation.

    (And besides, isn’t whether or not agents near the President carry guns something that only the Secret Service knows for sure?)

  2. Wayne Hurlbert

    I agree completely with “not ignoring the elephant in the room”. Openly and honestly answering the difficult and even painful questions is a solid step toward enhancing your company’s reputation for providing straight and honest answers. In a crisis situation, a proactive response can be the difference between saving the company or suffering a gigantic public relations disaster in untold costs.

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