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The Snow King

I’ve missed Monday Report for several weeks, but recently I checked out some of the video clips they have on their site (don’t miss swimming with Shelagh Rogers). In last week’s show, Rick Mercer goes up to Yellowknife. Between eating caribou and mocking the Japanese tourists, he meets the Snow King. The Snow King (his actual name isn’t apparent) has buillt a remarkable snow castle every year for a decade in Yellownkife:

Snowking is hard at work building his 10th castle. The panes of “glass” have been cut from Great Slave Lake, the snow has been packed and the volunteers are out helping Snowking saw blocks for the castle walls. Snowking’s Winter Festival kicks off on March 4, 2005.

This isn’t some scale model or anything, it’s a full-one (one storey, admittedly), castle.