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Toboggan Run and London Underground

We begin the day with a couple of Internet amusements. First, via Gill, via Dave Barry, we find the entertaining Web game Toboggan Run. Gill calls this the “the funnest online game ever”, but I think yeti clobbers the penguin and 3-D pong have longer-lasting distraction value.

Additionally, via Suw, we find an entertaining homage (MP3) to the London Underground. It’s not even remotely safe for work or virgin ears. “Wah-wah-wankers! They’re all wankers!”

UPDATE: Ah, Apple Switch satires. That meme has just run and run. Here’s one (MOV) about switching to Windows: “What I like about Windows is that it prepares me for the real world.” I made one a couple of years ago about Web Services, so the ads have got a special place in my heart. I took great pains to make it technically accurate (note the audio and exacting white background).

4 Responses to “Toboggan Run and London Underground”

  1. John Keyes

    I remember the hours you put into making this movie. I just watched it again, I’d forgotten about your smirk before the CapeScience reference appeared. Would you still build a web service for $20?

  2. gill

    I was exaggerating when I said it was the “funnest game ever”. I mean, “funnest” isn’t even a word.

    But it was really fun at the time, given that I’d just been tobogganing, and the game does involve accidental deaths by fire.

  3. myles

    this fine game reminds me off my former life as a treeplanter. Struggling to find my way back to the Capri Motor Inn in beautiful Smithers, BC after a night spent visiting their fine drinking establishments (collecting your buddies and sticking them in shopping carts for the trip back to the motel was found to be very effective). as for the game – beat 80 m, suckers!

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