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Traffic Stats from Gawker

I tend to fetishize Web stats. My own, my clients, anybody’s. When I worked fulltime for Cape Clear, and ran their developer community at, I used to gleefully mock the Marketing team when ‘my’ site beat theirs in visitors per week.

Generally, though, web stats are a closely guarded secret. Who wants to reveal that they might have fewer visitors than the competition? I’ve debated exposing my stats for this site, but have some lingering voice in the back of head telling me not to. In truth, I doubt few of my visitors would care either way.

I was impressed when Nick Denton of Gawker offered a snapshot of stats for several of his sites. I’m pleased to see that Gawker’s technology blog is still outclassing their celebrity gossip blog. Has Nick’s competition over at Weblogs Inc. ever done the same thing? If so, I missed it.

2 Responses to “Traffic Stats from Gawker”

  1. Carol

    If you discuss stats, don’t discuss r-e-f-e-r-r-e-r-s. Do a search for “r-e-f-e-r-r-e-r s-p-a-m” and you’ll see why. (You can take out the dashes, though. I was trying to whisper.)

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