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What Do You Use Craigslist For?

Craigslist is a exceptionally-popular, free community website. Here’s a good description from a USA Today article:

Craigslist is a giant Internet bulletin board where people buy and sell their stuff, trade humor and political wisdom, look for dates, seek home repair advice, share their poetry and often just rant.

Jon Jason (‘Not Udell’) Kottke has a nice case study about a mover in New York that’s getting most of his business for free (in terms of advertising dollars) through Craigslist.

I’ve never used Craigslist (this is the local version). Have you? Did it work for you (in procuring or dispensing with people or things, I suppose)? What was your experience like?

23 Responses to “What Do You Use Craigslist For?”

  1. donna

    I’ve used it to find two different apartments in the last 4 or 5 years, including the lovely place I’m in right now. I also found my ex boyfriend a job via craigslist. :)

  2. Kristin

    I used craigslist to get rid of my old futon. I put up an ad saying I was giving it away and received 4 responses within 24 hours. The first guy to respond came and took it away the next day. It worked out perfect for me – minimal effort, maximum space freed up in my living room.

  3. Richard

    Every time I’ve used the Vancouver Craigslist site, I’ve been underwhelmed. It’s nothing against the service, which based on the San Francisco and New York City examples, is excellent. (Then again, those two cities are on the extreme high end of web service usage in general, for good reason.) Donna is the first Vancouver-area blogger I’ve heard that *used* Craigslist Vancouver, much less had any success with it.

  4. Kirsten

    I’ve had generally good experiences with Vancouver craigslist – when I was freelancing, I got my first client from a web design ad I posted there. I’ve also bought & sold some household items. I think some sections are better bets than others – I’ve never found much in the “community” section, but they seem to have the best assortment of buy & sell type ads. ( is another interesting one that started up last year sometime, I think… Less trafficed, but not as much overlap with craigslist as you’d expect.)

  5. donna

    Richard: I don’t so much “use” it, as I flip over there when I need an apartment or a job. More on the apartments than the job thing. I don’t have much faith in most of the jobs posted there — the one for my ex was a fluke (and was posted in other, more legitimate places as well.)

    With apartments, I’m generally looking for shared accommodations. Craigslist shines in that area, since it’s basically just a bunch of people who need a roommate… :)

  6. Jen

    I posted ads on Craigslist when I was looking for a roommate, and was innundated with people from all around the world who, quite frankly, scared me a little.

    They included 20 year old Will who wanted to move here from Philly, and figured he’d just “find a job” when he got here, an Australian couple who figured they could share the 9×11 unfurnished room for a few months while they continued on their beatnik travel adventure, and 45 year old recently divorced guy who just needed a place to stay, since his wife had kicked him out (I published that I was an early 20’s female in the ad).

    I got reputable responses and eventually found a roommate through the cheap but still paid, which hosts all of the local university off-campus housing ads.

  7. Oana

    I tried to sell my car on the Vancouver site back in September… got no replies.

  8. NetChick

    Craig’s List has been entertaining for me. The Vancouver site is fairly well used for the dating end of things — Although, I have never actually posted there myself. Friends of mine say they get about 2 marriage proposals a day from people looking for paid citizenship. I guess it’s a good venue for that, if good is the right word.

    I’ve looked for cars and homes there, with little success, but always go back to see if I’ve missed something. (Empty fridge syndrome — There’s nothing in it, but you still go back 5 minutes later to look again in case you missed something.)

    I keep hoping it gets better adoption…

  9. Devon

    I’ve used it to find apartments with great success. That’s all, though.

  10. Winston Smith

    I find it funny, all the hoopla over Craig’s List. People are treating it like it is something new and unheard of…

    Hellloooo 1982? Dial-up BBS? Single ‘forum’?

  11. Nancy

    I actually just discovered it last week, as I was hunting for freelance writing work. No responses yet, but it’s nice to hear that it’s legit and widely used.

  12. Sherrie Wilson

    I use Craigslist every time I want to sell ANYTHING. It’s the only place in the world I feel good about advertising the curtain rods I just bought that don’t fit my window and can’t be returned because I opened the package! Voila: CraigsList, a photo and they’re gone!

    Also great for finding a place to live. Worked fine for me this week. They had better listings than the $100 one-day adverts in the Vancouver Sun!

    I love CraigsList Vancouver!

  13. Dawn

    I have used it to find places to rent several times. I have also bought and sold many things on the site. Wayy cheaper, and more convenient than any newspaper ad!

  14. Jaeden

    I have used it to find out what events are happening in Vancouver (by date) so that if I am near one of them around the right time, I can deviate from what I am doing to check it out.

    Great on weekends when there are a lot of free festivals and you are low on cash.

    Recently I used it for something more daring, to meet and correspond with a new friend to try to find someone who are into the same types of sports activities that I am also into. (Tennis, volleyball, Grouse Grind). So far so good.

  15. Paul

    I just bought a used motorcycle advertised on Craigslist. Couldn’t believe how many I had to choose from. Great service.

  16. Linda J Jones

    Just recently discovered craigslist and have had great response to my postings…great site!

  17. G

    Craiglist dating is full of scags and shitbag fat toothless women, trust me.

  18. brittany

    i use craigslist to find apartments. and always browse up on other things people are selling

  19. Steph

    Craigslist kicks butt on the buy and sell! It cost nothing to place your ad and you can post up to 4 pics. To use the Buy and Sell it cost money, you can only post one picture and when you are viewing postings it is extremely slow. I used Cragslist to sell my tent trailer and also used it to purchase our new 5th wheel. We got lots of responses and are extremely happy with our success using it.

  20. Nathan

    Craigslist is an ideal tool for buying and selling on the internet. I`ve used it to find a job as well. Craigslist covers a lot of territory in a nice way. There isn`t a lot of competition for the nicest advert. I feel my item will get equal status to others and sell on the meritt of my product. Buy and Sell is doomed, notice that it`s now free!

  21. Jenny E

    I think C-list is awesome. Only been back in Vancouver less than a year, but found our two great vehicles and my husband found his job where he is super-happy. I also found babysitting gigs, a music jam space and what you can’t find advertised, I just place an ad. The free stuff, furniture and the like – even more unbelievable.
    As far as the freaks and weirdos who use it, so what? The usual advice? trust your instincts and if it sounds like a scam, report it and move on.
    Thanx Craig – who is Craig anyway? Does such a person exist… please do tell :)-

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