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A Canadian OhMyNews

If you’re unfamiliar with OhMyNews, it’s a South Korean newspaper and website. It’s also the future of journalism. Dan Gillmor discsuses the organization in detail in chapter six (PDF) of his excellent book, We the Media. From Wikipedia: is a South Korean online newspaper with the motto “Every Citizen is a Reporter”. It was founded by Oh Yeon-ho on February 22, 2000. It is the first of its kind in the world to accept, edit and publish articles from its readers, in an open source of news reporting. About 20% of the site’s content is written by the 41-person staff while the majority of articles are written by other freelance contributors who are mostly ordinary citizens.

It’s a really exciting change in the media landscape, and yet another example of the emergence of a many-to-many model of communication.

Is there a Canadian OhMyNews? The guys at Now Public sound like they’re maybe doing something along these lines, but they’re not ready to talk about it quite yet. Can anybody think of other such ventures?