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Another Successful Blog Meetup Thingy

Last night we had our fourth Vancouver weblogger meetup and everything went well. Which is to say, there weren’t any punch-ups. After the jump I’ve assembled the list of attendees and the strangest phrase they’ve uttered during sex. Has anybody posted any photos? Did I miss anyone on the list? Let me know.

Name Strangest phrase uttered during sex
Darren Call me Ismael
Devon Woof!
Richard Not applicable
Susie What is he doing to Caroline?
Travis Do you smell burning?
Boris I didn’t know it could do that
Greg What’s that smell?
John Feed your brain!
Shane I have no life!
Jamie Hey, what did you need my credit card for anyway?
David mm.grummph… (mouth taped shut)
Darren Excuse me
Gillian (I’m never listening)
Jan (Not telling)
Dale There’s hair there?
Arieanna He’s staring at me
Ianiv I hope no one is watching
Jen What? You planned on staying?
Kris Krug (Laughs uncontrollably)
Colene Sex? What’s that?
Monique Ah, my eye!
James Quack, quack
Suw (Ed: I didn’t get anything from her, but it’s no doubt something
in Welsh)

8 Responses to “Another Successful Blog Meetup Thingy”

  1. gill

    I posted photos on my flickr feed here and to the Vancouver Webloggers group on flickr here.

    Nice meeting everyone.

  2. kk

    beercasting was fun. im totally petrified to hear myself on it tho. thanks for writing up the list of peeps who showed. :)

  3. Steve

    cool! vancouver has a weblogger meetup. i came across your blog in an article in the Sun last week.

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