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It’s going to be a light week for posting around here, as I’m très busy.
Here are a few blog and blogosphere-related notes:

  • This Thursday is the fourth kinda-bi-monthly Vancouver weblogger meetup
    doohickey. Come on out one and all, it should be a good time. Plus, Greg is
    going to run a beercasting
    . Location and time details are here.
  • One reason I’m really busy is that Northern
    is coming up this weekend. Pre-conference registration closes tomorrow.
    This gives us a couple of days to print badges and the like. Additionally,
    we’re getting pretty close to being sold out–there are about 30 spots left.
    If you’re planning on coming, it’d be best to register.
  • Cameron and Mick of G’Day
    World podcast
    fame recently
    interviewed me
    talking about, well, a bunch of stuff: the
    Blog Business Summit
    , Nooked,
    Northern Voice,
    Canadian-Australian relations, etc. At the end of the call, you can hear me
    do the worst Australian accent in the history of the free world. G’Day World
    is now part of The
    Podcast Network
    , "the best collection of podcasts available anywhere
    that are managed and aggregated under the one roof".
  • The Business
    Blogging Awards
    close tomorrow, with a number of particularly close races
    still undecided.

3 Responses to “Blogalicious Stuff”

  1. richard

    So, if I show up Saturday with $30 in hand I’m likely to be out of luck? I have this problem with getting a cheque into a mailslot… I’m one of those people who has been saved by online bill payment, and doesn’t have a credit card.

    If only there was a method of internet payment that you could use to send people money… you know, so you could pay your pals. I wonder what they’d call that sort of thing…

  2. Darren

    Richard: I can’t make any guarantees. We’re going to hold a few spots for day-of registration. Today we had 8 people register, and yesterday we had 9. That suggests that at least 10 people will register tomorrow, leaving 20 or so spots for day-of registration. I’ve got no idea how many people will show up for day-of registration. Sorry–I’ve never run an event like this before, so I can’t speak to walk-up traffic.

    However, if you pitch up at 8:00am, when registration opens, I’d hope you’d get in.

    One alternative is, if you’re downtown tomorrow, you could stop by the Capulet office with a cheque or cash. We’re here:

    Somebody should be there from 9:30 to 5:00pm.

  3. James Cogan

    Hi Darren,

    Unfortunately, I’m out of the country on vacation with my family for the first time in 2.5 years and will miss both the conference and the next meetup. The conference in particular I am most disappointed to be missing out on. I would’ve truly loved to have been part of the inaugural event. Nonetheless, I will attend the next meetup that gets scheduled after the 17th, I’ll be there for sure and greatly look forward to meeting you and everybody else involved.

    Darren, best of luck on the 18th. Northern Voice was a fantastic and much needed idea. Good on you for bringing it to fruition and I’m sure it will be the start of an ongoing event. The blogosphere community in Canada will thank you, and I wish you much success with it going forward.

    Best regards,

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