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Eventually, as Galileo and his telescope taught us, all the ideas you have get implemented by somebody else. Back in December, I wrote about a print-your-blog idea that I’d had for a year or so. It seemed like a good idea–and hardly original, but, you know, seemed like a lot of work.

In December, I was writing about a not-quite-right service called PrintMyBlog. Today, here’s Blogbinders (via Micro Persuasion), which seems a lot closer to the mark: helps you turn your blog into a bound book – great as a gift, an archive, or even to sell to your readers!

It is quick, easy, and affordable to turn your blog into a printed book. All it takes is a few easy steps.

They do need to hire us, though, to write their site collateral. Their How It Works page is barely comprehensible, and seems pulled directly from their tech docs. Lads, you need a simple, friendly diagram (like, say, this one) and some non-technical text.

Their pricing seems absurdly cheap as well. US $15.70 for a 125-page, perfect-bound book? There can’t be much profit in that, if it includes staff hours, printing, shipping, overhead, etc. I expect them to signficantly increase their prices over time. I’ll bet they’d do just fine at twice that price.

UPDATE: Apparently it’s actually two years old, so their implementation preceded even my idea. Man, I’m slow. Regardless, they did to get their marketing game in gear–I’d never heard of them before, and I’m enough of an egoist to think that printing my blog might be a good idea.

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  1. Glen

    A great idea. And I must admit very tempting! And then I read one of their randomly generated quotes in the right margin. One that appeared was quite ironic:

    “Anything that is written to please the author is worthless.” — Blaise Pascal

    Aren’t most blogs written to please the author?

  2. Glen

    A Great Idea and very tempting.
    As I was reading their pages and also the rotating quotes that appear on the right margin. This ion appeared:

    Anything that is written to please the author is worthless. — Blaise Pascal

    Ironically aren’t most blogs personal journals written to please the author?

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