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I Missed Kate Beckinsale’s Butt

Lex works in a bookstore in downtown Vancouver that must have the highest occurrence of celebrities per capita north of the 49th. A few weeks ago I was in there myself, standing obliviously next to Cristina Ricci. Today, Lex got a visit from the lovely Kate Beckinsale:

The woman was wearing extremely tight low cut jeans with a sequinned belt. The jeans were so low that I could see almost half her ass. I realized later that she was not wearing any underwear. I did think that she was attractive, but to be honest, I could see so much of her butt that I was uncomfortable. The woman and her daughter continued to pull out and make piles of books and sit in front of shelves, reading…Later, I asked my co-worker if he had seen the woman who bought such an enormous number of books. He replied, “Oh, you mean Kate Beckinsale.”

Normally I’m not much of a celebrity tracker, but occasions like these make me pine for a job in retail.

4 Responses to “I Missed Kate Beckinsale’s Butt”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    I and my group of friends were totally unaware that we were standing on the escalator immediately behind Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.

    Of course, we ended up sitting at the table next to theirs in the Cascades Lounge at the Pan Pacific. Staring…totally staring.

    Not a butt to be seen between the two of them.

  2. Randy Quinn

    Man, your Buddy Lex is one Lucky Dude… I’d love to stand there and drool over Ms. Beckensale’s bare behind…

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