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Map of Nicknames

Back in November, I solicited you, my dear, helpful readers, for nicknames for Canadian towns. This was for Melissa from Geist magazine, who was making a nickname map of Canada (my brother used to do similar maps for Geist). She wrote to tell me that the issue is out, and the map is available online. My favourite is ‘The Ditch’ for Port Alberni. Having driven through its particular pulpy pong on many occasions, I might have gone with ‘The Smelly Ditch’.

4 Responses to “Map of Nicknames”

  1. richard

    Having come from “Red Deer” in Alberta, I’ve never heard it called “Dead BEER”… It was always “Deard REAR” which is funnier. NOBODY in Alberta would let a beer die. It just wouldn’t be humane.

  2. Richard

    I grew up near Cumberland, so it’s nice to see them get “Dodge”. I’ve never been to Edmonton, but I’m still surprised to see it’s not listed as “Redmonton”, for its weird tendency to elect Liberals and NDP MLAs in the provincial ridings for the city.

  3. Sue

    I’m surprised they didn’t pick up Fort McMoney for Fort McMurray.

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