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My Only Post About the Canceled Hockey Season


Despite being a lifelong Canucks fan, I’ve grown extremely disenchanted with the NHL. When hockey resumes, they’re going to have to offer me–I don’t know–a skating lesson from the entire Sports Action Ice Team (chilly cheerleaders, as it were) to get me back in the arean.

I haven’t read much analysis of the dispute or the eventual cancellation of the season, but I did like King Kaufman’s piece in Salon (day pass thingy required). He rarely writes about hockey (we’ve exchanged emails about this in the past), and I think that distance gives him a clarity that many hockey writers lack:

But now instead of glaring at each other over an unbridgeable philosophical chasm, the owners and players were simply haggling over money, a situation in which compromise and agreement is always possible. By Tuesday night the difference between the proposals had shrunk from $12 million to $6.5 million. And they still didn’t save the season!

Kaufman has a bloggy feedback loop that is very New Media. I also see that Mark Cuban has weighed in.

While I’m at it, they really should free Stanley this season.

2 Responses to “My Only Post About the Canceled Hockey Season”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    Great, not only has the season been cancelled, but I’ll bet the Sports Action Ice Team have all been laid-off.

    Have you no shame, Mr. Bettman?

  2. EuroCanuck

    In a time and age where players are only in it for the money it is refreshing to look oversea’s – ie EUROPE- and see what the NHL players are doing here in EU.

    To get an update on the Swiss Hockey League check my BLOG:

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