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Nanaca Crash

Via Waxy, here’s the weirdest Web game (there’s audio of Japanese girls yelling and groovy music) I’ve seen in a while. And it’s so utterly Japanese. Here are some instructions in English. Watch out for Block Girl!

8 Responses to “Nanaca Crash”

  1. Rick

    Yeah, a friend of mine showed it to me the other day. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I can’t stop playing it. It’s replaced the hit the penguin really far game as my time waster game of choice.

  2. Olaf Gradin

    I just had to post my new record: 1739.95m

    Now I’m too good to play the game and it’s no longer any fun.

  3. tyler

    i just played this game for about 5 minutes, and i got 2969.45 m… this isnt a hard game

  4. Garry

    My personal best so far is 2470.95m.. I do this from work and I’ve seen one of the guys here get like 20k or so outta Taiichi. It’s all about your combos and specials :). Also, remember you can click on the screen and use up and down “Arial Crash” manuvers to keep Taiichi moving!

  5. Al

    I’m form Spain and here is my record… 83.509.70!!!! I coludn’t believe my eyes when i achieved it. I have videos and photos. Keep on playing!!!

  6. David

    My high score is 4979.72 and i just hit the stop girl at 3979.72

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