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The Gayest Thing You’ve Ever Done

Via somewhere, we find this amusing (and occasionally x-rated) list of the gayest things (mostly gay) people have ever done. I believe this must be the winner, whether it’s actually true or not:

I did cocaine in a South Beach disco with Grace Jones while a drunken drag queen wrote “LOVE ME” on my back in lipstick, while the Village People were on stage performing YMCA. I had on combat boots and daisy dukes. My chest was shaven.

What’s the gayest thing I’ve done? Off the top of my head, it’s being kissed by the entire male half of the cast of Cabaret while clutching an over-sized pink martini. What can I say? I’ve lived a pretty straight life.

3 Responses to “The Gayest Thing You’ve Ever Done”

  1. jo

    Ah, the memories!

    Way back in my younger days I tried to get into a gay bar in drag: dressed up as a guy. I still chuckle about the bouncer’s line of “excuse me sir, but I believe you are a woman”.

    I was attempting to gain entry in order to humour a friend (really!)

  2. rik warren

    was givin a blow job and gave a blow job by a clerk in an adult video store,while looking at gay videos for a freinds birthday,(we just met)…

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