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A Tour of the Mothership

CBC LogoThis is kind of old news, but I’ve been meaning to upload some photos and haven’t gotten around to it. On February 18, CBC tech dude Tod Maffin kindly took myself, Eric Rice and Jeremy Wright on a tour of Vancouver’s monolithic CBC building.

Eric is a leader in the vlogging or video blogging space, so he produced a nifty ten-minute video of the tour. All I can offer are some photos on Flickr. Children of the eighties may recognize this sign. Tod teased me, saying that he thought some of the set from Fraggle Rock (there’s a lengthy entry on Wikipedia) was around, but he couldn’t find it. Thanks to Tod for the excellent tour, and to Eric for the quality documentary.

2 Responses to “A Tour of the Mothership”

  1. gillian

    I was actually just wondering today about Switchback. Same host guy, right? I think he’s on CMT or something now.

    I wasn’t old enough to stay up to watch Good Rockin’ Tonite, but my friends and I were really into watching Switchback on Sunday mornings.

  2. Brian Jones

    Fraggle Rock!?!?!?! I better make my way to Vancover and search the CBC for it–get Tod to help me. There must be a small hidden door somewhere in the basement. I always knew those guys were real!!! Just never would have imagined that their lair was somewhere in the basement of the CBC.


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