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An Eight Meeting Day

I figured that once I stopped working for The Man and went out on my own, I’d be free of meetings. That’s not the case. Today I’ve set a personal record with eight meetings (technically speaking, six meetings and two conference calls). I have been liberated from the long, profoundly stupid meetings about nothing that often happen inside corporations. Plus, eight in one day lends a certain urgency to each one.

6 Responses to “An Eight Meeting Day”

  1. Tod

    Heheheheh… There is no freedom from “The Man.” Even if you ARE The Man.

  2. donna

    conference calls are only slightly better than meetings. The only thing that saves conference calls is that you can do them in your pajamas.

    when I worked at Telus, I used to relish coming in late on days that I had conference calls, and do them from bed. Muahaha, making sure that my coworkers (before the non-coworkers got onto the call) knew that I was wearing pajamas curled up in bed and they weren’t. HAH! Suckers.

  3. alexis

    My freelance work seems mostly to consist of meetings and then me at my desk.

  4. Jeremy C. Wright

    I think one of the great things about conference calls is that they can cost upwards of 1$/minute. A real motivator for saving cash when you’re just starting out ;)

  5. Judd

    Yup – thats how it goes. I thought I was all “Indie” till I had to hire a contractor for a job, then suddenly I WAS the man. And demanded meetings.

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