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Boring Site Note: HTAccess Help

I’ve had ongoing problems using an .htaccess file to block people hot-linking to images on this site. The usual solutions don’t seem to work. I will pay good money to any brainiac who can solve this problem without b0rking the images on my site (which always seems to be the problem). I don’t care how you fix it–I don’t really want to hear about it. I just want to give you the FTP details, have you fix it and send you a cheque (or Paypal you some cash). And there’s no money in it for trying–if you can’t fix my problem, all you get is my goodwill. Drop me an email if you’re such an aspiring H4x0r.

UPDATE: We have an unsuspecting volunteer. I’ll report back if he’s successful or not.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Ray, who fixed my problem. Thanks also to Monsieurs Kleffman (scantily-clad women ahead) and Jones for their kind offers.