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Boring Site Note: Messing Around with Google Ads

I’m experimenting with repositioning the Google ads on the individual archive pages (they’re now between the content and the comments fields). It’s just an experiment, and hopefully won’t upset anybody tremendously.

5 Responses to “Boring Site Note: Messing Around with Google Ads”

  1. EuroCanuck

    I have the ads on top of my Blog as I have received many more hits when it is positioned there.
    I have also started with a compagny called: Tradedoubler, where I can individually use compagnies products and highlight them on my site.

    At the moment I am highlighting a Zen Micro MP3 Player…

    Overall, I think a site like yours which must receive many , many hits a day will benefit from Adsense. I am after 24 days on Adsense not very successful….


  2. Chris

    Hmm, there appears to be some stylesheet issues with the google stuff on the left side when you go to the comments pages.

  3. Ray

    Your web designer says you should set the background of the ad to transparent to avoid the boxing in of the left gradient.

    Wait, this is Google we’re talking about…

    Nevermind then. Carry on.

  4. Jan Karlsbjerg

    If you’re messing with the individual archive pages anyway, you might want to add the post’s date in there too. It appears alongside the “email this” and “comment” on the main page, but nowhere on the archive pages.

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