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Holy Nectar of the Gods

My head is swimming slightly as I type this, because of the caffeine high off my first Coke in a month. I’ve cheated a bit, with a few iced teas and rootbeers, but I managed the entire month without that super-sweet acid touching my lips (or my stomach).

My plan going forward is two Cokes a week. That seems a moderate amount, and a radical reduction from my Coke-a-day habit.

3 Responses to “Holy Nectar of the Gods”

  1. Sue

    Why add it back in at all? Just go for zero and if occasionally you feel like breaking your self-imposed rule, then do it and give up something else in exchange.

    After over six months without the stuff, I am starting to find that, when I break down and have a can of it, Coke doesn’t taste as good as it used to.

  2. Arjun Singh

    Good for you Darren! I have sworn of sweets stuff for the rest of the year – I know how hard it can be.

    Psss…ice tea isn’t cheating my friend.

  3. joann

    Way to go Darren. Me, too. I haven’t had coke for about 3 week now.

    You’re going to go back to 2 a week? Why?

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