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Is Boing Boing Writing for the Vancouver Sun?

Fiona Apple by BoingBoingWhile enjoying my Mango Crunch cereal this morning, I was leafing through the Vancouver Sun. Muttering to myself as I usually do when reading the paper (“old news”, “press release”, “old news”, “that’s pants”, etc), I was surprised to see credited with writing an article on Fiona Apple’s bootlegged album. Have they started putting their content on a wire service?

Upon further investigation, I see it was an error by the Vancouver Sun. They probably read this piece on Boing Boing, and followed the link to the San Fracisco Gate. Then they mis-credited Boing Boing instead.

If you ever had any doubts whether the old media was monitoring the new media for ideas, here’s a great example.

4 Responses to “Is Boing Boing Writing for the Vancouver Sun?”

  1. pinder

    this is interesting, because many times I’ve read the “Notes” blurb sidebar on section B and it frequently lists items that were on boing boing the previous day

  2. Mark

    Given the Sun’s general lack of original content, is this any surprise? (I think I’ve moaned about the percentage of AP/CanWest News Service pieces in there before.)

  3. harp

    have you heard the new Fiona Apple? It’s quite good actually.

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