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Listen for Me

I’m going to be on the CBC at about 4:50pm this afternoon, talking about something tech-related (I imagine they’d prefer I didn’t mention what–though it’s punditry, not a scoop or anything). If you want to listen online, try this page.

Here’s me talking utter shite about the local technology scene and a rash of acquisitions that have recently occurred:

3 Responses to “Listen for Me”

  1. Preach

    That would make you a pandit then. Interesting.

    I am not sure that Homeland security is letting any of this into American airspace because all things foreign are dirty and unclean, but I will attempt to listen.

  2. Anonymous

    Creo is located in Burnaby, not Richmond.

  3. Darren

    True, but I should get partial points because they’ve got a manufacturing plant on Annacis Island. Of course, that’s in Delta, isn’t it? Bugger.

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