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New Body-Mod Business Opportunity

RFID HandVia Boing Boing, I read this guy’s description and photos of how he had an RFID chip installed in his hand. The RFID implant unlocks his car, so he’ll never forget his keys again.

Now it’s time to get on with buying a house that I can deck out with RFID sensors. But, probably before I get a chance to do that, I’m going to put a sensor in my car door. One small step for hand, one giant leap for keyless entry. Another thing I’m going to work on is figuring out how to write a custom GINA for Windows and putting a sensor into my keyboard so when I place my hands on it, the system will automatically log me in.

Cool! I might have put it in my hip, so that I could hip-check my car to unlock it.

This guy had a doctor friend of his do the surgery, but why can’t tattoo parlors offer this service? I know nothing about what they are and are not permitted to do, but this isn’t much of a departure from piercing, is it? Body-mod shops in tech towns would presumably be the early adopters.

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  1. Rob

    Someone left a message on one of his photos pointing to this image:

    Apparently you can get quick implant kits that allow you to quickly implant a chip without needing minor surgery. Takes about five minutes and doesn’t need stiches.

    That would take more guts than I have, though.

  2. Chris

    Chips are pretty small – you could embed them in jewelry perhaps? Get a new nipple ring that also unlocks your car! Existing tattoo parlours should be able to do that.

  3. Matt

    Even without having read this guys questions I immediately thought of the Mark of the Beast. It’s freaky how imbedded that frame is in my mind despite no longer being a fundamentalist Christian.

  4. martin g

    Don’t put yourself at risk by injecting a tag . . . think ‘infections’ , ‘clots’ etc etc.

    Just swallow one every couple of days. ( Not necessarily the same one – but whatever.)

  5. Norlinda

    Don’t these things emit some sort of radio frequency? That surely poses some health risks over time.

  6. udge

    I don’t know whether to find this very cool or extremely worrying.

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