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Next Blogger Meetup Thingy

Is it that time again? Yes, indeed, time for the fifth (?) blogger meetup thingy. Once again, it’ll be upstairs at the Whip. Here are the usual details:

Blogger Meetup Doo-Hickey
Thursday, March 31, 7:30pm onwards
Upstairs at The Whip
209 East 6th Avenue (just east of Main, here’s
a map

Here’s the official Meetup group, if you’re into officialdom. I recently had some feedback that the meetups had gotten a little too ‘business blogging and all it entails’. Talk about what you want, but remember that there are folks attending who couldn’t care less about your clickthrough rate. If there’s enough demand, we could always organize a separate thing for business blogging people to talk shop.

Unfortunately, I’ll be missing this meetup thingy. I’ve got tickets to go see Stars (it’s flashy, so you’ll have to click around) et al at the Commodore. I’m sure you’ll somehow muddle through without me. Have fun.

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  1. gillian

    It looks like the tally for Vancouver bloggers at the Stars concert is now at 4… you, me, Col and Alexis. There could be more.

    How many of us before it becomes a movement?

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