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People Click on My Blogroll

This week I’m trying out MyBlogLog, which does one thing well. They enable you to see, at a very granular level, which links people click on. For example, for the past three days, the big favourites have been the chicken video and, surprisingly, the Wikipedia entry on Lloyd Axworthy.

As someone who loves numbers and fetishizes his stats, this is new and interesting information. Is it actually useful? Eventually, it might tell me something about what kind of link text gets clicked more often. But, then, I’m not motivated to emphasize one link over another, so it’s mostly just satisfying my curiousity.

I’ve also discovered that people actually click on names in the sidebar blogroll. Not tons, but yesterday 27 different links were clicked (with no apparent popularity logic). That’s noteworthy, because I’ve never really known if anybody cared what appeared there.

MyBlogLog does a clever thing for their free sign-ups. They give you the first week with all the versions of the paid Pro account, and then take them away. It’s kind of a tease, but they’re up-front about it and it could prove to be a great sales strategy.

3 Responses to “People Click on My Blogroll”

  1. Ray

    That “MyBlogLog” sounds a lot like the
    tactics used by Real and its RealPlayer.
    They give you all the bells & whistles
    during a free trial, and then if you don’t sign up for their monthly fee after 14 days, the bells and whistles
    all stop working, and your downloaded
    player reverts to its bare-bones version. The good news is, that bare bones version has everything most of us
    need anyway. (Especially the constant
    popups!) I deleted mine because of all
    those “reminders”. Contrary to what they’d like us to believe, there’s still
    no free lunch.
    Enjoy your day. – R.S.

  2. Vero

    My hosting comes with a good few stats packages, and my favourite at the moment seems to be Awstats. I love seeing where visitors are from, which Google searches landed them on my blog, etc… It’s odd sometimes but surely makes for some entertaining analysis.

    Stats are indeed fascinating :)

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