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The Serendipity of Jam

I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I’m making some toast. While applying some strawberry jam to my toast, it occurred to me that it’s been years since I actually purchased jam. There seems to be some secret conspiracy among my friends and family to keep us well-stocked with jam. I’m not sure how this happened, particularly in our urban surroundings, but it’s an odd phenomenon.

Is there balanced equation among jam creators and jam consumers? I guess not, because they still sell it in the grocery store. Still, I feel like one person in 20 makes jam, and distributes it to 18 of the other 19 people. What do I owe for all this free jam?

By the way, jam fairies, we’re almost out of the strawberry.

3 Responses to “The Serendipity of Jam”

  1. donna

    I *love* jam. That was one of the things I adored about Urban Fare — the Jam Aisle. A whole aisle, full of jam!

    My favorite is strawberry rhubarb. This is also very difficult to find.

    My roommate thinks it’s ridiculous that I have about 9 varieties of jam, but never have milk or eggs or vegetables aside from the occasional carrot… hell, who am I kidding? I’ve got more jam than regular food.

  2. Sue

    I think there’s a surplus of jam because people who make a batch of say, 20 jars, can never actually consume all those jars without getting completely sick of the product. I know there are at least three different mason jars in my fridge with unlabelled jam products – who knows where they came from – and the chances are good that I’ll get more this summer! Strangely, I still buy jam because I haven’t found anyone who makes something like the E.B. Smith sugarless strawberry jam. So the blueberry compote sits unloved on the fridge door. *sniff*

  3. Christine

    You have jam fairies! Oh Darren, I’m so envious. We’ve run out of blackberry jam and blackberry syrup, which is a very sad state of affairs. I’m going to spend this summer picking and processing lots of blackberries, so that we won’t run out again.

    I hope we won’t die of blackberry deprivation in the meanwhile.

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