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What’s Russian for Shrinkage?

White RussianThis Russian guy, one Karim Diab, stood in the frigid Moscow River for an hour. He broke the previous record by 15 minutes. He’s apparently got the word “peace” written on his forehead. I’m a little unclear on how nearly dying of hypothermia promotes peace, but you can’t fault the sentiment.

This photo (and the joke in the title of this entry) comes to me via the always fascinating Cellar Image of the Day.

5 Responses to “What’s Russian for Shrinkage?”

  1. Jes

    No offense, but freezing to promote world peace makes about as much since as starving to end world hunger.

    It’s all about getting attention.

  2. Cyn

    Well at least ‘starving’ is more out of solidarity. “You starve, I starve (but only for one day because it hurts too much)”.

    Freezing for world peace…hmmm. What ever happened to the ‘love-in’ or sticking flowers down the barrels of pointed guns?

  3. Darren

    Jes and Cyn: Indeed, that’s why in the entry on the 30-hour famine I said “I don’t actually need to go hungry for 30 hours to raise cash”. It’s just a gimmick.

    Maybe this dude was taking pledges for Amnesty International or some other peace-loving organization?

  4. Preach

    I believe the literal translation is ‘moronski’, but my Russin is rusty, or ruski, or something…any who, I think we can chalk this up with all the other lame things that people are willing to do to get a little attention. I take the fact that he has ‘peace’ on his forehead as an attempt to justify the retarded act he is committing, and sadly it falls short.

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