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Who Wants a Yahoo 360 Invite?

I’ve got 100 of them, apparently. I just played around with it (I doubt that page will ever change) for 15 minutes, and I’ve got very little to say. It’s certainly not of much interest to me, but I can see how it would appeal to the average human. I’ve never tried MSN Spaces, so I can’t really compare.

Here are a few random observations: [more]

  • Amusingly, the blog entry title defaults to “Entry for March 29, 2005”. This seems ill-advised–the title field ought to encourage people to write a title, or turn it off.
  • The second section on the main page prompts me to “Share Reviews”. This seems like a rather bold effort to gather user-generated content for Yahoo Local. It confused me, and made me want a button that said “Turn this box off”.
  • Presumably the Share Photos section will be Flickrized soon, because right now it sucks.
  • I was pleased to see a “Coming Soon” box that said “You’ll be able to share your RSS-enabled content (blogs, photos, etc.) in Yahoo! 360°.” While I have no use for Yahoo 360, I could see wanting to syndicate this blog to it.

Being the enterprising (but less creative–c’mon, hello world?) sort that he is, Roland made his own page.

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  1. Valcha Labs


    Please invite me 2 yahoo 360.

    My email is valchaatgmailcom

  2. jamc

    I like your site. Can you invite me to join yahoo 360 ?

  3. matthew cadenhead

    if you hae anymore invites can i have one?

  4. Seth

    I would greatly appreciate a Yahoo 360 invite!

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