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Yahoo 360 Does Too Much

I saw it first on Slashdot, but everybody is talking about Yahoo 360, Yahoo’s blogging platform plus social software application:

The service is designed to enable Yahoo’s 165 million registered users to pull content from the Web site’s discussion groups, online photo albums and review section to plug into their own Web logs, or blogs, the Internet shorthand used to describe online personal journals.

I’ve said this before, but I don’t think people want an all-in-one solution like this. The social software apps that have legs are the specialized ones: Flickr, Delicious or LinkedIn. Yahoo has a ton of content and functionality–photos, Yahoo groups, MyYahoo, mobility services–to leverage, but I’m doubtful that zillions of people will get onboard. Still, MSN Spaces has demonstrated that a blogging engine for the masses is a good thing.

The most insightful comment I’ve read was on Slashdot, about how Yahoo is poaching and implementing Google’s functionality:

  • Web Developer Kit; APIs to query Yahoo directly
  • AdSense-like program through Overture, which now bears the Yahoo name
  • Social network and blogging service as per today’s article
  • Fully independent, spider-based search system

2 Responses to “Yahoo 360 Does Too Much”

  1. filmgoerjuan

    MSN Spaces has demonstrated that a blogging engine for the masses is a good thing.

    Are you kidding? Almost every MSN Spaces I’ve ever seen has made me think better of LiveJournal (and I’m not a big fan of LJ by any stretch of the imagination).

  2. Andrew Wooldridge

    That’s hogwash. So many “social network” sites are like parties where everyone arrives but there’s nothing to do. For instance Orkut. Ok, you’ve linked with everyone on earth – then what? Most sites are ghost towns or glorified address books.

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